Trawling Environment

Choose the type of environment where you want to trawl.



The Bridge Trawl is suitable to dangle off a bridge. Some of the design decisions to keep in mind are as following:

  • The trawl has wight attached at the bottom to that it sinks in ( Preferably in the middle)
  • The pull should be attached on the top (at the center or on the sides) 


The Boat trawl is suitable to be pulled behind a motor boat, canoe, kayak, paddle boat or a sail boat! Some basic design tips are :

  • The boat trawl needs floats on both sides of the mouth/frame
  • The pull/rope should be attached at the middle of the frame for balance


The shore trawl is suitable to be dragged along the body of water. It needs to have a long handle for better grip.

**Ocean waves make this trawl difficult to handle, this trawl is well suited for rivers, lakes and streams.