Here are some resources for bringing attention to the samples of trash you pick up with your trawl. We are building this site out. It will eventually have resources at the national level. We then hope to expand to providing resources at the international level as well. 


With Resistbot, you just have to text "resist" to 50409, and the app will ask you for your name and zip code, at which point you can write a message to your representatives which Resistbot will automatically turn into a fax and send it to your local representative. Currently, you must have a US number to use this service. 

NYC 311

In NYC and other localities (see Boston below) you can call 311, or download the app for your iPhone or Android phone. With the app, you can upload the pictures of what your trawl picked up. Feel free to also share those pictures with us as well via our Pollution page or on Facebook

BOS 311

Boston also has a 311 call center and mobile apps for iTunes and Android